My beautiful friend Amanda called me one day and told me that she needed a change. As a teacher and a mom of 3 young precious children, Amanda was exhausted all the time and had no energy. I coached her on my nutritional cleansing program and within 4 months Amanda released 58 lbs, feels better than ever and is now paying it forward by assisting others to do the same!!! I am so thrilled that Amanda trusted me and said YES!!

Without a healthy body, we cannot be truly ALIVE. We can survive, but we cannot truly live.

Are you alive, or are you just surviving?

When I put the right nutrition in my body, I sleep better, I have more energy, I feel better, I look better and I am much more happy!

I know Amanda’s life has been renewed as she transformed her health. The exciting thing is this… It doesn’t even take that long!! I am always amazed at how quickly change happens!

Amanda, you are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!! Thank you for saying YES and thank you for inspiring me and so many others that we can do this too!!