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Join me daily or as often as you’d like for restorative yoga practice to nourish your body, mind and soul, right from your own home!

Membership for $12.96 per month

Membership for $99 per year

Yoga for YOU…

Anywhere, Anytime!

  • Increase your energy

  • Receive emotional healing

  • Improve your mood

  • Raise your vibration

  • Enjoy the comfort of your home

  • Develop muscle strength and tone

  • Maintain a balanced metabolism

  • Enhance cardio & circulatory health

  • Improve your athletic performance

  • Increase your flexibility

Become Inspired and Empowered through Yoga Today!


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As a member of Alive With Melissa online, you will have access to a library of gentle restorative yoga practices to raise your vibration, energy and mood, anytime, anywhere!

From your computer, notebook or smart phone you can join me from home, your office or even outdoors!

Join me on this journey of self love, healing, letting go, and restoring inner peace by using the modalities of deep breathing, meditation and yoga.

Inside you will find many practices that you can choose from, all at varied lengths of time created to fit your schedule and needs on any given day. I have recorded the practices from travel destinations that are beautiful and from home as well. I even have one in my pajamas to guide you on a beautiful restorative practice to release and unwind before bed for a blissful sleep.

Honor the beautiful essence within you which is who you truly are, by taking the time to nurture your soul!

For the promotional price of just $12.96 per month, you can begin your journey and it would be my honor to be your guide!

Wishing you Peace, Happiness, Health, Wholeness, Success & Love ????

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