Beauties Alive is a space where women can come together to workout, support and empower one another, to embrace our femininity and to have fun!

8-week sessions are created with the intention to be a program for us to commit to following through and coming together on a regular basis!


Sessions will run again and again continuously and are held at:

Downtown Dance Academy
25 West Water Street, Studio B
Toms River, NJ

Our next session begins June 11th and now is the time to join!



A workout created specifically for our female bodies, infusing
ballet barre, Pilates, core conditioning and overall body

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am
Saturdays 8am



Yoga for women incorporating postures that feel delicious to your body infused with self love and pampering throughout.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am
Saturdays 9am



Invigorating flow yoga infused with heart intentions and pure soul meditations!

Mondays 10:30am

BEACH- Beauty Camp

BEACH- Beauty Camp

Beauties meet at the beach to start the day with mat exercises, walking & meditation, all while connecting with nature…pure elixir for your mind, body & soul

Wednesdays 8am @ Ortley Beach



25 minute meditation to release your inner bliss. This segment is complimentary to all members of Beauties Alive!

Mondays , Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am
Saturdays 10am

Choose your weekly classes and click the link below that correlates with the number of classes you pick to reserve your spot now!

🌸 Monday 10:30am YOGA-Alive! *Pure Bliss

🌸 Tuesday 9:00am BEAUTY-Licious! 

🌸 Tuesday 10:00am YOGA-Licious!*Pure Bliss

🌸 Wednesday 8:00am Beach-Beauty Camp!

🌸 Thursday 9:00am BEAUTY-Licious!

🌸 Thursday 10am YOGA-Licious! *Pure Bliss

🌸 Saturday 8:00am BEAUTY-Licious!

🌸 Saturday 9:00am YOGA-Licious! *Pure Bliss

*Pure Bliss- 30minute complimentary Pure-Bliss Meditation classes are offered 4 times weekly after these classes.  These classes are a gift from Melissa and all Beauty Alive members are welcome to attend!

1 Class Weekly-$100

$90 before 06/03

2 Classes Weekly-$160

$144 before 06/03

3 Classes Weekly-$225

$202.50 before 06/03

4 Classes Weekly-$280

$252 before 06/03

5 Classes Weekly-$325

$292.50 before 06/03

6 Classes Weekly-$360

$324 before 06/03

7 Classes Weekly-$385

$346.50 before 06/03

8+ Classes Weekly-$400

$360 before 06/03

Drop In Visits


Drop in for ONE CLASS


Drop in for TWO CLASSES back to back on the same day!

Contact Melissa Jill for more information!

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