One year ago today, I posted on Facebook and shared that I was about to go sky diving with my son Tom for his birthday. I was freaking out slightly, but the fact that my 19 year old son wanted to share this experience with me was an opportunity that I did not want to pass up!

I chose to make jumping out of an airplane a symbol for me letting go of fear, ALL fear, fear of rejection, abandonment, failure, success… You name it, I was taking the leap to release it!!

As I jumped from the plane that day, I felt liberated and free!! There is a quote that says “Fear does not prevent death… It prevents life.” I believe this to be true!

I will never forget the beauty I saw from the sky, along with the bonding I shared with my TWO sons that day, (my other son Michael decided to join because “as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”! Quote from Marianne Williamson) These beautiful memories would never have been made if we all hadn’t taken that leap!

I vowed not to allow fear to paralyze me in any situation, because I choose to LIVE and to LOVE as big as I possibly can!! I have made some decisions since then, with the memory of my jump as a teacher.

How fitting that one year later, I am taking another monumental leap in my life, from corporate employee to entrepreneur! I KNOW that my life was changed as I jumped that day with the intention of releasing fear!

As my beautiful friend, singer and songwriter Maya Azucena so eloquently shares in her song “Fearless- It is not the absence of fear, it is COURAGE in the face of it!”.

I STAND in courage, I LEAP in courage, I LOVE in courage, so that I can truly LIVE! Join me!!! ❤️ Happy Birthday to my son!! I love you Tom!!!