“I am imperfect and I am enough”.
I love this statement because it is true for all of us!

It is my passion to inspire all people to live their most amazing life filled with vibrant health, abundant love and radiant joy!
One barrier that rears it’s ugly head often is the toxic thought that “I am not enough”… Not pretty enough, handsome enough, smart enough, thin enough, fit enough, wealthy enough, young enough, old enough, accomplished enough… And the list goes on…
We are ALL imperfect and it’s BEAUTIFUL and we are ALL ENOUGH!

This photo serves as a daily reminder to me that I AM enough.

Because I am…

And so are YOU!

You are amazing and gifted. You have talents that are unique to you. No one can offer this world what only you can! You are wonderfully created by God and you have divine purpose. Know that you are enough, just as you are. Follow your passion, trust your heart, express your voice and fulfill your purpose!

I challenge you to create your own photo declaring to yourself and to the world that YOU ARE ENOUGH! Please tag me on Facebook- “Melissa Jill” on Instagram-“@AliveWithMelissa”  on Twitter- “@AliveMelissa” in your post and hashtag #IAmEnough.

Let’s raise the consciousness together for all to release the poison that robs joy and kills dreams.

We are all so beautifully imperfect and we are all so perfectly enough! ❤️