One year ago today I walked on fire and declared that if I can walk on fire, I can do anything! So in a blizzard, I, along with 7,000 others, walked on fire!

Since that night, I have completely transformed my life! I left my full time career to pursue my dreams! Everyday brings its triumphs and it’s challenges, it’s highs and its lows. At times I feel invincible and at others I think “What if I fail?”. I’ve had people ask how I will make it and I tell them that I’m not sure how, but I do know why!

There is nothing like the satisfaction I feel when I help others, and inspire them to live a life of purpose, filled with love that begins within themselves. When someone tells me after yoga or after a speaking engagement that I have helped them to heal, or inspired them to honour their heart and follow their dreams, or reminded them what their soul already knew which is that they are truly precious and valuable, that they are capable and strong and worthy… I feel such gratitude for that inner knowing that I’m on the right path.

Right now I’m packing and preparing for my yoga retreat that I will be leading in Bali. I’m also working on my very own business online, where people will be able to come to my website, from wherever they are, to find gentle, restorative healing yoga and meditation practices at all different lengths of time, from many different destinations around the world and with lots of various themes like Self Love, Forgiveness, Letting Go, Overcoming Fear and so much more!

I was afraid to talk on camera, and I had anxiety about being on film in my yoga pants, and I was literally immobilized by fear of working with technology, my website, video cameras, microphones and the list goes on, but I pushed through because…

If I can walk on fire, I can do anything!

I am encouraged by my fellow entrepreneurs who are all on a similar path and who continue to strive to reach their own personal best daily, who are literally like brothers and sisters to me- my peers from network marketing, my training, my coaching and my mastermind groups. It’s so important to surround yourself with those who push you higher and I am in the middle of such passionate people, all striving toward greatness!

I am inspired by my students who, throughout the years, have asked me to make recordings so they could take me home or on vacation with them. My heart is full of gratitude as I think about the people who love me and give their precious valuable time to be with me each week in class.

I am moved to tears when I know how privileged I am to have the honor of guiding others on a journey of healing and personal growth! I am full of peace and joy, because I know I am fulfilling my purpose.

I want to encourage you to know that if you walk thorough the fear and the doubt, there is such joy to be found in following your heart and pursuing your passion. You deserve to live a life you love and the world deserves the gift of you as you fulfill your calling.

If I can walk on fire, I can do anything…

And if I can do it… SO CAN YOU!! ❤️