One might think that yoga is nothing more than than simply stretching or relaxing. However, a 30-minute yoga session can give you the three key components of a complete workout routine, which are cardiovascular, strength endurance and flexibility training.

With the right yoga practice, you will work every muscle in your body. You’ll be moving and holding static poses with strength while working your core, all at the same time.

In specific poses and movements, you will be working your major muscle groups, which in turn elevates your heart rate. Yoga stretches, lengthens and strengthens your spine, the muscles supporting your spine, and massages your internal organs. What’s great is that you are hitting all three components of a well rounded workout in one session, and with virtually no impact, which means you will be avoiding unnecessary stress on your body.

Achieving a full body workout in one session is ideal, especially when you can accomplish this in just 30 minutes! After a beautiful yoga practice, you are renewed completely; body, mind and soul. In my book, there is no better way to spend thirty minutes of precious YOU time!