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This is a place for women to come together to workout, to share, to empower each other, to embrace our femininity, and our sisterhood, and to have fun!!!


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From your computer, tablet or smartphone, you will be transported to beautiful destinations around the world with Melissa as you practice yoga infused with healing, empowerment and self love.

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Be Inspired & Empowered for Life

Melissa Jill is famously known for her self-development, emotional healing and empowerment gifts, and is fulfilling her purpose, empowering people of all ages to live their most gratifying life.

Leading the Way

For more than 20 years, Melissa has been and continues to be a trailblazer and trendsetter in the health and wellness industry through her innovative healing coaching and programming.

Inspiration for All

Melissa has successfully launched several heart centered programs, workshops and retreats worldwide to guiding women back to self love, inner peace and happiness so they can be fully present to fulfil their purpose and enjoy life!

Fueled with Passion

Melissa intuitively offers a heart centered experience that is like none other and without fail inspires clients to be healed, refreshed, renewed, recharged and ready to take on the world!

Health and Happiness from our Members

Life is Beautiful

Are you living your passion and following the desires of your heart?

Are you waking every morning with excitement and joy for each new day?

Are you in optimal health and vibrating at your highest level; body, mind & soul?

Are you radiant from the inside out because your soul is hapy & free?

Do you have a passion to honor your heart and fulfill your purpose?

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A Gift for You

Why Meditate?

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Decreases tension-related pain
  • Improves the immune system
  • Increases the energy level
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Improves emotional stability
  • Increases creativity
  • Increases happiness
  • Develops intuition
  • Brings clarity and peace of mind
  • Increases focus and relaxation
  • Releases tension, anger and frustration

Online Yoga Classes

You can have access to your own blissful library of Online Yoga Classes with Melissa today!

From My Clients

  • Of all the different yoga instructors in multiple countries that I’ve practiced with I still find your class the most inspirational and naturally flowing. Thank you for a beautiful class today xo.

    Carolyn R RN
  • Thank you Melissa for always touching my heart.

  • Your ability to connect with such a diverse group of individuals despite age, occupation, mindset, beliefs, etc. is commendable and humbling.

    Tara Publicist, NYC
  • Thank you for speaking to our teachers today. They have been raving about you all day and thanked me for bringing you in. They agree that you are the best self development speaker/program we have ever had. My mindset has changed thanks to you. Thank you!

    Kelly J School Principal
  • Just following you Melissa brings me joy, forgiveness, a lift, and frankly, always a smile. I am so incredibly happy for you and that you are so thoughtfully sharing your gifts.

  • I moved away and for years I searched for another yoga teacher that could make me feel what you could. When I came back to visit and took your class again after all these years, I cried. It was healing and it was like coming home. I wish to have a teacher like you where I live now.

    Heather C.
  • “Thank you”! I am so grateful to you for the love and joy you put into teaching your yoga class. It was in your class that I really discovered a connection to yoga and healing. Tonight I taught my first beginner class and I loved it! I remembered how special it made me feel that you asked everyone’s name who came to your class and you really made an effort to know everyone and connect with everyone. I want to bring that same love and connection to my students and tonight, I made sure to ask everyone’s name and send them my loving energy. You have no idea how inspiring you are! Love you!

    Mollie L Yoga Teacher, Holistic
  • I’ve known Melissa and taken her yoga classes for over 6 years. She is amazing and soothing to the soul…. an expert in her field. I encourage anyone interested in a new mind and body experience, to practice with Melissa. I grab every opportunity I can to be around such a positive, upbeat person. Always finding something new and exciting to add to life on a daily basis. Thanks Melissa for keeping me in such a peaceful state of mind

    Patti C. Nutritionist
  • It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Melissa Jill. She is a fantastic motivational speaker and yoga instructor. The best way for me to start my day is with Melissa Jill. She explains all of the yoga posses and gives you variations if you are new to yoga or have physical limitations. She reminds us just to do what feels good. I also love the motivational and spiritual messages she reads or recites at the end of the class. Many yoga instructors just go through the poses . The messages she leaves you with at the end of the class provide for a peaceful and productive day.

    Carolyne K. Attorney
  • Melissa has been coaching me for years! Melissa and I have been friend’s for 10 years now and she was a pillar of strength and guidance through a very difficult time in my life. Melissa has a huge heart and loves helping people.

    Yvonne L. Healthcare Professional
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