Yoga – The Trifecta

One might think that yoga is nothing more than than simply stretching or relaxing. However, a 30-minute yoga session can give you the three key components of a complete workout routine, which are [...]

Love is Greater ❤️

LOVE is the highest vibration there is. When you choose love, you heal yourself and others. When you choose love, you conquer fear, anger, resentment, guilt, blame, shame and judgment. When you [...]

You Are Worthy

One of the oldest lies we tell ourselves is that we are not enough. This one thought is more destructive than imaginable. It kills dreams, robs joy and blocks love. We are not perfect and [...]

If I Can Walk on Fire…

One year ago today I walked on fire and declared that if I can walk on fire, I can do anything! So in a blizzard, I, along with 7,000 others, walked on fire! Since that night, I have completely [...]

I am Imperfect and I am Enough

“I am imperfect and I am enough”. I love this statement because it is true for all of us! It is my passion to inspire all people to live their most amazing life filled with vibrant [...]

Lift Others Up!

If you put others down to lift yourself up, just stop! It only makes you feel good. It doesn’t make you look good. Try something else to make yourself feel good, like fixing that which [...]

The Beauty of Imperfection

Perfect is boring, not to mention impossible! Embrace life and love yourself, all in fabulous imperfection! It’s beautiful and it’s real! Life does NOT have to be perfect to be [...]

Risk Nothing – Risk Everything

I used to fear failure or pain, so much so that I was immobilized to pursue the things I want most out of life. LOVE and SUCCESS are never guaranteed, but if we risk nothing, our chances decrease [...]


Beautiful sunset!! My balance?? Not so beautiful! This was supposed to be tree pose… In postures, just like in life, balance is never about being perfectly still at center. It’s a [...]

New Year Resolutions

Do you have a resolution for the new year? I am constantly making new resolutions all year long… always changing, growing and striving to better myself. I have to admit that I don’t [...]

2016 New Year

Starting the year off doing what I love best! I teach yoga as a tool to help people heal emotionally and to find a place of self love!! Today we set our intentions for our lives in 2016. This is [...]

Recurring Life’s Lesson

You know that feeling when you go through a life situation only to learn a lesson you THOUGHT you’ve already learned before.. Yet, here it is again… Be with it, contemplate it, ask [...]

The Most Beautiful Expression of You!

Let go of all things robbing you of your peace, love, light and joy. Release negative thoughts, self defeating stories, limiting beliefs, anger, pain, resentment and anything else that does not [...]

No Greater Gift

In life, we can be hurt and heartbroken. The pain can seem too much to endure, but it heals, in time. The greatest tragedy is to close our hearts in fear because then we will deprive ourselves [...]

Smile Always!

I LOVE to travel to different countries and connect with beautiful souls everywhere! In this picture, I am with my new friends Lukas and Juan… They said “aya chingona” meaning I [...]

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