Find Peace in Uncertain Times

As I’m speaking with my friends and clients, I’m finding that so many people are feeling moments of anxiety during this uncertain time. These thoughts of fear pop up and can sometimes be overbearing! It’s good to remember that worry does not prevent anything. Anxiety does not protect us. We need to be diligent to take every precaution for the well being of ourselves and others. Once we have done all that we can do, we must let the fear go! Our immune system will be stronger when we feel inner peace and calm. Being aware that we are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not us is so empowering! The next time you have a negative thought, stop and recognize it for what it is… Just a thought. Then, realize that it is not attached to you and you don’t have to be attached to IT! Recognize that it does not serve you and then just LET IT GO! Replace it with a thought that is positive and nourishing to your soul! Choose to trust that God is in control and you are being supported in life. This practice gets easier with time and will change your life!!

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