There is so much power and healing in your breath! Full diaphragmatic breathing will cleanse your lungs, bring fresh oxygen to you blood, and nourish every cell in your body.  The beauty in this is that you can breathe deeply anytime and anywhere!As you breathe deeply, slowly and completely, parasympathetic receptors send a message to your brain, releasing stress and tension, while  inducing peace and tranquility.

Take a moment to close your eyes and inhale through your nose, filling your diaphragm completely, imagining that you are filling up a 3 part balloon; first your abdomen, then your ribcage and last your chest.  Hold for a count of 3, then exhale completely, releasing and letting everything go.  Notice how you feel and remember to do this regularly in you life.

Take the time to stop, breathe and focus inward to reconnect with your own brilliance, your peace, your love, your light and your joy!