Our bodies respond to everything we eat.  What you put into your body will determine how you feel, perform, look and even think!  Your performance is absolutely correlated with the nutrition you provide to yourself.   Your body is the only place you have to live, so why wouldn’t you fuel yourself with the highest

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There is so much power and healing in your breath! Full diaphragmatic breathing will cleanse your lungs, bring fresh oxygen to you blood, and nourish every cell in your body.  The beauty in this is that you can breathe deeply anytime and anywhere!As you breathe deeply, slowly and completely, parasympathetic receptors send a message to

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Our bodies were made to move. They literally crave movement and if we stop  moving we slowly die.  Simple as that. What type of workouts or exercise do you enjoy?  That would be exactly the best choice for you.  Any and all types of exercise will benefit your body and ultimately your overall health.  Choose

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Ahhh… YES Relax!!! Let this be on your checklist of important things to do!  Even if it’s ten minutes to close your eyes and meditate or simply just rest. Spend time in nature as this nourishes the soul! Our mind is constantly going, filled with thousands of thoughts each day, which causes stress. Stress is

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