You Are Worthy

One of the oldest lies we tell ourselves is that we are not enough. This one thought is more destructive than imaginable. It kills dreams, robs joy and blocks love. We are not perfect and that’s life. We are each are our own beautiful part of the universe; here for a reason, with a purpose… …

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Girl Time!

I had so much fun at DREAMS, with an amazing group of beautiful strong women! We worked, we laughed, we cried, we did yoga, biking, running, swimming, sharing, creating, eating, drinking, relaxing and just being, accepting and loving who we are! Some girl time is sometimes just what our soul needs!

Online Yoga Class

Smile Always!

I LOVE to travel to different countries and connect with beautiful souls everywhere! In this picture, I am with my new friends Lukas and Juan… They said “aya chingona” meaning I am the BEST yoga teacher! I say these guys are “chingona” because they work so hard! They start their day at 9:00am and work …

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